Kaleen Cameron 


Hello! My name is Kaleen Cameron and I am a self-taught artist living in San Francisco, California. I started my artistic endeavor in 2016 after encouragement from friends and family to sell wall art in my room that I had made from driftwood. I found myself continuing to experiment with different materials and mediums. I started working with plaster in late 2018, and immediately fell in love!

By using natural pigment powders blended into plaster, I create textured art inspired by the California coast and deserts. I could use this medium to recreate the smooth sand dunes of the coast or the rough landscape of the desert. Plaster dries in a matted, almost earth-like finish which was different from other abstract art I had seen. I felt like I had finally discovered my artistic style and a medium that lite a fire in my soul.

My love for creating art using this unique pairing has fueled me to pursue my dream to work as a full-time artist, which I officially transitioned to in June 2019! I can’t wait to see where my practice goes from here and I hope you choose to join me on this journey :)